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Market Appraisal Solutions


Market Appraisals - do you need one?

Why are market appraisals required?

There are often many reasons that a Commercial Property Owner will need a market appraisal – most usually if you have invested in property via your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF).

In this case you’ll no doubt be aware that there is a requirement to submit a market valuation of the property every 3 years with your financial audit in line with legal requirements, which requires:

“…when preparing accounts and statements required by subsection 35B(1) of the Act, an asset must be valued at its market value.”

Where to start?

If you hold commercial property in SE QLD and would be interested in receiving an appraisal we encourage you to contact us to arrange an appraisal of your commercial property!

What is a market appraisal?

Whether it’s for your SMSF or any other reason, our office can provide you with a full, in-depth market appraisal for your property that will satisfy the legal requirements you need, with just a short turn around. Our comprehensive reports include:

  • Concise Overview
  • Full Property Details Outlined
  • Current Market Evidence
  • Additional Documentation such as Plans (where available)
  • Final Market Appraisal

This doesn’t need to be one of those items you hate dealing with and that causes undue stress. Here at SP Commercial, it is our priority to make sure we work with the requirements of our clients to produce a fast, efficient and cost effective outcome that most importantly, eliminates the stresses of commercial property ownership.

All this from a low cost of $297 plus GST”

Want to see more?

Please click here to view an imitation property appraisal where you can see what information you would be provided with.

(Important note, the information in this appraisal is provided solely for the purpose of information provision and is compiled using many different properties & information so as to avoid any specific relevance and should not be considered as privileged or true).

Ready to proceed? Send us your contact details and we’ll arrange the information we need from you!